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Visual Strategic offers a range of services for companies, organisations and individuals wishing to utilise the power of the Internet or other medium to enhance their existing client exposure. We offer strategies to cater for all your graphic and internet requirements and develop strategic marketing plans for small to medium enterprises.

Our background covers a broad spectrum of areas of multimedia including website design and development, graphic design, illustration and marketing. We can draw from our experience across these disciplines, combining our knowledge to provide you with a truly professional solution.

Whatever the brief, we aim to provide a clean, simple online interface to your business that helps to maximise your presence on the web and reflect the culture of the business and appeals to the target market.

We take a pragmatic approach to our projects and our natural affinity to people, enabling us to keep our clients informed about all aspects of their project. We believe in designing what you want and not what we think you want. This is achieved with a Test Driven approach through short iterations of your requirements involving your constant feedback.

Websites will be put on a development site so you can watch them evolve on-line and when you are satisfied with the final result the site will be switched across to your domain. Illustrations, brochures, cards, booklets, A-frames, invitations, pamphlets, business cards or stationary will be emailed to you as works in progress until you are happy with the outcome and then the finished artwork will be delivered on a CD or DVD. We work in conjunction with the printer of your choice or we can recommend a variety of digital and offset printing solutions.


•  Working closely with each client to ensure personal service and a successful result
•  Creative and cost effective solutions built to your requirements and delivered on time
•  Responsive, proactive approach to after sales service and fine tuning requirements
•  Accessibility, professionalism, trust and confidentiality
•  Achieving an outcome that makes a strategically sound and significant contribution to business growth